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This web site is based on spectacular 360 degree panoramic images to let you feel what it's like to actually be there. Gain so much more confidence to make that right choice of holiday, accommodation, conference, etc. 360tours.com.au has been in operation since 1999 and still continues to increase the number of visitors to the site. Contact us for advertising prices and options.

To make a 360 degree photo you can use any camera to take a series of overlapping photos from a single position and then stitch them together with software on a computer. The trick to getting the photos stitched together accurately is that you need to make the focal point of the lens to be at the centre point of rotation when you are taking the photos. This is why you really need a tripod and a special tripod head to position your camera in the correct location. If you want to know more about how to make your own 360 degree photos, take a look at panoguide.com.

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