Berlin (Germany)

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Berlin is cheap but excellent quality - we stayed in a 5 star hotel with a giant aquarium in the middle for the price of a 3 star hotel anywhere else. I'm not a beer drinker but the beer garden at Tiergarten was such a surprisingly great place, I couldn't help myself! Of course there is the famous Brandenburg Gate, but many other spectacular places to see like the Berlin Cathedral Church, Pergamon Museum, Legoland, Berlin TV Tower for 360° views or even venture just outside of Berlin to Potsdam (we did a tour there and back). But the biggest unexpected highlight was the Holocaust Memorial - they are simple huge blocks of concrete but you easily get lost and lose your friends in there which represents how Jewish families were togther one minute and then suddenly torn apart - very much an interactive experience to appreciate this unique work of art.

I took these photos, 360° images and videos while on holiday with my wife for a few days in May 2012. Refer to my customised Berlin Google map for where we saw the main points of interest.

This is part of a 6 week adventure that my wife and I took in the middle of 2012 that includes:

Berlin, Germany video (4 minutes)

Berlin Cathedral Church

Pergamon Museum

Our hotel (Radisson Blu) with a giant aquarium in the middle


Berlin TV Tower

Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial



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About the photos
I've been a keen photographer for over 10 years and have been creating 360° panoramic images for about that long too. I've sold some individually, for web sites, a couple of weddings and projects for clients where I work as a visualisation artist. All the panoramas on this page were taken handheld because you are not allowed to use tripods in most of the places I visited so you may find some strange gaps where the photos are stitched together because of this. The camera used for all of these photos is a Canon 5D MkIII digital SLR with a 24-105mm L series lens. This camera works great in low light situations, has a full frame sensor to get wide angle shots and produces super sharp photos. Unfortuantely it is very big, heavy and expensive so I made the decision to choose quality over comfort. A camera store assistant once told me: A man invited a lady over to his place one night to show her his photos. She said, "Gee, they're great photos. You must have a great camera." She invited the man to her place for dinner the next night and after the meal he said "Gee, that was a great meal. You must have a great oven."

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